METROPOLITAN HORSE FAIRS


                                DISTRICT HORSE SHOWS



Following the lines of the reports of former years, the fairs and shows held in each
province during 1891-92 have been reviewed in alphabetical order, and the usual Appendices
are also attached, showing—

(a) the number of stock exhibited, competed, and sold; the number of remount stock
purchased ; the number of prizes awarded, &c.;

(b)   the names of owners of horse runs to whom prizes were awarded;

(c)  the names and classes of sires whose produce won prizes at the several gatherings.

Aligarh Horse

                          NORTH-WESTERN PROVINCES.

2.  This show commenced on the 17th and terminated on the 24th February 1892.

3.  The total number of stock attending (918) showed an increase over last year's numbers
of 58. Of these, 142 entered the judging ring to compete for prizes.

4.  The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces
and Rajputana, reports that the classes competing were fairly satisfactory, except that the
branded filly class was numerically poor, which, as he had only just branded a considerable
number in the district, was disappointing. The branded mare class is described as very good.

5.  Seven remounts were purchased at the show against eight last year. The Remount
Agent reports the class purchased as much the same as last year. Twenty-one horses were pur-
chased for the Bengal Cavalry, making a total of 28 bought for the British and Native services.

6.   Highest price paid for British remounts, Rs. 375 ; lowest, Rs. 190 ; and average,
Rs. 261.

7.  Eight mules competed for prizes. None were purchased for Government.

8.  Rs. 1,000, granted from Imperial Funds, was increased by Rs. 500 raised in the dis-
trict, making a total of Rs. 1,500, all of which was awarded in prizes. Four bridles were
given away to successful competitors. The sum of Rs. 1,000 is again recommended for this
show next year.

9.  The arrangements for the show were good in all respects.

Batesar Horse

10. No report has been received from the civil authorities, and the Assistant Superintend-
ent, Horse-Breeding Department, could not attend this fair.

Horse Show.

11.  This show commenced on the 27th February and closed on the 2nd March 1892. The
number of stock attending the show was 1, 073 against 976 last year. Of these, 289 came
forward to compete for prizes.

12.  The Assistant Superintendent, Horse-Breeding Department, North-Western Provinces
and Rajputana, states in his report that for some years past this show has betrayed symptoms
of decline, but that under the fostering care of the present Collector, Mr. Punnett, it has this