ON THE
          Working of the Ranchi Indian
          Mental Hospital, Kanke in
          Bihar and Orissa for the year

1.   Administration.—During the year under report Dr. P. C.
Das, M.B., First Assistant Superintendent, held charge of the
hospital up to 8th August 1930. On return from long leave
out of India I assumed charge of the hospital from 9th August
1930 and continued till the end of the year under review.

2.  Provinces served.—During the period under review the
hospital continued to receive patients from the provinces of
Bengal and Bihar and Orissa.

3.   Accommodation.—The accommodation of the hospital
remained the same as in the previous years, viz., 1,014 for males
and 272 for females, total 1,286, which is apportioned in the pro-
portion of three-fourths, and a quarter to Bengal and Bihar and
Orissa respectively.

The male section of the hospital remained overcrowded
throughout the year under report but to a lesser degree than in
the previous years. The restriction which was imposed by
Government on the admission of harmless and non-dangerous
male patients in the previous years was also in vogue during the
year under review, and only carefully-selected cases who were
certified as dangerous and unmanageable at home or elsewhere
were admitted for which 50 extra emergency beds were sanc-
tioned by Government. The overcrowding of the hospital, its