(iv) Drugs.(a) On my return from leave I introduced
what I had seen in Zurich Hospital the treatment popularly
known as Zurich treatment. It consists of heroic doses of
Sodium Luminal gr XII per day given per mouth or by deep
intramuscular injections in the buttock. It is continued for
over a fortnight. It is very beneficial in cases of acute
excitement with intractable insomnia. We tried in several of
our cases of this type and the results were very encouraging but
unfortunately the benefit was temporary.

(b) Deep intramuscular injections of Paraldehyde.

Paraldehyde zi was also injected daily in the buttocks for
a period of a fortnight in highly excited cases. The results were
very encouraging but the benefit was temporary.

(c) During the year under review Bromo-Chloral Co was
also prescribed by me to some mild as well as intractable cases
of insomnia. In some cases the drug acted like a charm but
failed in others.

In fact all the above drugs tried in the way described above
during the year under report have come to stay on our register
of drugs for insomnia and general excitement.

(v). Organotherapy.—Nineteen patients were treated with
different glandular compounds during the period under review
but the results were not very encouraging. Thyroid was
found to be a very good activating agent when given in large
doses for a period of 10 days in acute melancholia and mild
stupor cases.

(vi) Physiotherapy.—Strictest attention is paid in this
hospital to correct all physical defects before an attempt is
made to explore the psychological defects. Tonsils, nasal sinuses,
adenoids, eyes, ears, etc., are contributory causes to mental
derangement when they are defective. Therefore on admission
of a patient all physical avenues which are believed to contribute
smaller or larger share in the causation of mental diseases are
thoroughly explored.

Teeth.(a) The services of a wholetime dentist on the staff
are desirable but funds have not been forthcoming.

Throughout the year under review and the previous years,
Dr. D. R. Choudhury, one of the sub-assistant surgeons on our
staff, treated the teeth of a number of the patients.