Notes on Vaccination in the North-West Frontier
                  Province for the year 1922-23.


IN his review on the Vaccination Report for 1920-21
and again in that for 1921-22, the Chief Commissioner
noted with regret the substantial decrease in the number of
vaccinations as compared with the year 1919-20. The
record for the year now under review presents a most
welcome contrast. In spite of both the posts of Divisional
Inspector having been brought under reduction, and in
spite of a reduction of one in the number of Vaccinators,
the number of operations rose from 100,219 in 1921-22 to
144,155, the latter figure being more than 9,000 in excess of
the number for 1919-20. In the Hazara District alone was
there a decrease as compared with the. average for the
preceding five years.

The increase in the number of revaccinations is parti-
cularly gratifying.

Further, the Chief Commissioner notes with satisfaction
that, thanks to the large average of successful vaccinations
per head of the staff, the average cost of each case was
commendably low (Re. 0-2-7), in spite of the increased pay
which has been in force since March 1921. The cost of each
successful operation in the North-West Frontier Province
now compares favourably with that in the Punjab and in the
United Provinces.

Small-pox did not occur in epidemic form and the
number of scattered cases was unusually low, the total
number of deaths recorded being only 118.

The Chief Commissioner desires to tender his cordial
acknowledgments to Lieutenant-Colonel W. M. Anderson,
C.I.E., I. M S., for the marked success which has attended
the efforts made by him to increase the efficiency of this
important branch of the medical administration of the

                                          C. LATIMER,

                                                Secretary to the Chief Commissioner,


North- West Frontier Province.

The 3rd August 1923.

N.-W. F. P. Govt. Press, Peshawar—1050 S. to C. C.—146—13-8-23—J. B.