( 3 )

17,980 in the preceding quinquennium. This is a great
improvement. It is generally agreed that a single vaccina-
tion does not produce immunity to small-pox for life. At
least two re-vaccinations are necessary, especially if risk of
infection occurs.

Appendix to Statement
No. I.—Vaccination in
Political Agencies.

7. The vaccination work in the trans-frontier tracts has,
on the whole, been exceptionally good.
The total number vaccinated was 21,997
compared with 9,332, the annual average
for the preceding five years. The
following table gives the actual number of operations carried
out in four of these areas :—

Average annual number
of vaccinations
1917-18 to 1921-22.


Kurram Valley ...



Chitral ... ...



Sherani Country ...



Tochi Valley ...



No vaccinator was able to work in South Waziristan
owing to the unsettled state of the country and very little
vaccination was done in the Malakand where no small-pox
was reported during the year.

Appendix to Statement
No. I.—Vaccinations in

8. Vaccination of the civil population in the canton-
ments of Abbottabad, Kohat, Bannu
and Dera Ismail Khan is carried out by
the district vaccination staff and the
figures are included in the returns for
those districts in Statement No. I. The total number of such
vaccinations performed was 1,045 compared with 907, the
average for the preceding five years. In the cantonments of
Peshawar and Nowshera, where vaccination work is done by
sub-assistant surgeons under the control of the military
medical authorities, 3,090 vaccinations were performed as
compared with 3,086, the average for the preceding

Statement No. II.—Cost
of the Department.

9. The total expenditure during the year was Rs. 21,458
compared with Rs. 23,426 in the
previous year. The abolition of the
appointments of two divisional inspec-
tors of vaccination, referred to above, resulted in a saving on