( 5 )

Mardan this year 632 vaccination operations were performed
by the staff of outlying dispensaries and in Kohat 269 oases
were similarly vaccinated. The sub-assistant surgeons
attached to the South Waziristan Scouts also vaccinated
1,194 of the men recently recruited for that corps. Two
sub-assistant surgeons in Chitral acted as superintendents
of vaccination in that agency.

Statement No. V.—
Inspections made by officeres
of the Department,

12. The number of inspections carried out by Civil
Surgeons during the year was disap-
pointingly small. The number of vaccina-
tions inspected by them was only 3.67
per cent. of the total number performed.
The percentage of successes among the cases seen by them
was 93.87 for primary vaccinations and 66.72 for re-vaccina-
tions. Superintendents inspected a total of 100,846 cases and
recorded 96.81 successes in primary vaccinations and 87.56
in secondary operations. Lieutenant-Colonel H. G. Stiles
Webb, I. M. S., as Assistant Director of Public Health,
inspected 1,106 cases, and reports a ratio of success of 94.4.
His figures include both primary and re-vaccinations.

On the whole the results recorded tallied with these
seen on inspection and the records made by vaccinators in
their registers were found to be generally correct.

Appendix A —Vaccination
in Municipal Towns.

13. The Vaccination Act is in force in only 9 towns
in the Province, namely 4 in Hazara,
3 in the Dera Ismail Khan District
and in the towns of Bannu and Kohat.
Vaccination in Peshawar City is still voluntary, and the Civil
Surgeon considers that the Vaccination Act should be extended
to it. At present a number of the children remain unpro-
tected. At the end of the year, the Peshawar Municipality
reduced the number of their vaccinators from five to two.
The City has a population of over 79,000, but the average
annual number of births recorded during the past five years
was only 2,401. A large number of children, however,
accompanies the floating population which passes through
the City annually, and it was pointed out to the Municipality
that a staff of two vaccinators would probably be insufficient
to carry out all the work required.

The statement in Appendix A is intended to show the
number of—Children under one year of age who were available
for vaccination in certain towns and notified areas during