( 2 )

somewhat more perfectly tested, and 3 cases of fudging have been reported by the
Superintendents. One defaulter, an old vaccinator, and one who has been more
than once punished, has been dismissed; a second, a new hand, has also been dis-
charged; and the third, as only 4 or 5 errors were found, has been fined. The
fudged figures have been eliminated from the returns.

Difficulty in working the department.

8. Any one who has experience in the work-
ing of a department like this must know the numer-
ous difficulties one has to contend with. They need not be mentioned here. Suf-
fice it to say that I endeavour to my utmost, as far as time will permit, to contend
with them, and feeling satisfied on this point, I rather bring the short-comings of
the department to notice than leave this duty as a legacy to my successor who
may any day step in.

Establishment at commencement of
season, sickness of.

9. At the beginning of the working season,
the full sanctioned staff was entertained; one, how-
ever, fell ill, and was unable to join his circle. It was so late in the season when
I heard this that 1 did not consider it worthwhile to fill up his post. Two of the
native Superintendents and two vaccinators were so indisposed for a considerable
time as to materially affect their work.

Punishments awarded.

10. During the season, one man took french
leave, because casual leave would not be granted
him. Two vaccinators were dismissed, one for bad character and the other for
falsification of returns, and 16 were otherwise punished as follows:—

2 for laziness.

2 „ indifferent work.

1 „ false entry.

2 „ disobedience of orders.

6 „ delay in submission of returns.

and 3 „ not giving forms to Patails.

Some good men in department, one es-
pecially brought to notice.

11. It is not, however, to be inferred from this
long punishment roll that there are no good men in
the department. On the contrary, I believe there are, and as far as in my power
lies, I will promote those who are deserving of it. There is, however, one 1st
class vaccinator, Ajaj Hoosein, who worked in the Woon circle that I wish espe-
cially to bring to notice, and think that if the Resident is pleased to give him a
puggry or some other mark of recognition for his services (valued say Rupees 30)
it would have a good effect in the department. This man during the season
vaccinated 3,164 children, of which number 1,132 were verified by the Superintendent.
I believe that the increase in the punishment roll, as compared with the previous
year, is a matter for congratulation rather than for regret, and indicative of im-
proved supervision.

Examination of work performed by
Civil Surgeons.

12. As in the previous year, so in this one also,
Mr. Chamarett, Medical Officer of Yeotmahl, ex-
amined more of the work of the vaccinator under his orders than any other one of
the Civil Medical Officers. Notwithstanding that he was seriously indisposed a
part of the working season, and had no Hospital Assistant at head-quarters, he
managed to examine 250 (not including unsuccessful cases) out of 423 cases in his
circle. The vaccinator here suffered very much from fever, which accounts for the
small number of children operated on. In Akolah of the 616 children operated on,
150 successful cases were verified by the Civil Surgeon. In Oomrawuttee, of the
901 vaccine operations performed, the Civil Surgeon writes:—" In Oomrawuttee
" 534 were vaccinated, and in Waddalee 11 cases: almost the whole of these have
" been verified by me : of the 295 in the outer circle, none have been verified by
"me." The Medical Officer at Bassim writes:—"I personally examined 151
" cases successful." In his circle 810 children were operated on. In Buldanah