41.     The inspection in the district of Nagpur was carried out by the Assis-
tant to the Civil Surgeon and that in the Jubbulpore district by an Assistant
Surgeon specially deputed for this work.

42.    In his Review of the Report on the Vaccine operations in the Central
Provinces for the year 1884-85 the Chief Commissioner laid down that not less
than about one month or more than 6 weeks is ordinarily a suitable period for
the Civil Surgeon to be on tour.

43.    The only Civil Surgeons who spent much less than a month on tour
are those of Bhandara, Saugor and Sambalpur. There was a change of Civil
Surgeon at Bhandara during the inspection season which no doubt partly offers
a satisfactory explanation of the very short period spent in camp, but as the
present Civil Surgeon took charge early in January I think he should have
done much more inspection work.

The short period spent by the Civil Surgeon, Sambalpur, on tour is accounted
for by his having been placed in medical charge of the wing of the Regiment
in the early part of the season and by illness later on.

It is particularly unfortunate that he was able to do so little inspection
work, as last year the Civil Surgeon was on tour only 9 days, while the suspen-
sion of the Native Superintendent and the detection of grave irregularities by
Vaccinators made it especially desirable that the Civil Surgeon should have
seen as much of the work as possible.

Of the 23 days spent on tour 9 were devoted to inspection of the work in
the Rerakole Feudatory State in which there is only 1 vaccinator.

The Civil Surgeon, Hoshangabad, was detained in the station by work at
the dispensary. Mr. Thipthorpe, Civil Surgeon, Wardha, had to return from
the district on account of a case of serious illness and to give evidence in Court.

The Civil Surgeon, Raipur, met with an accident which prevented his being
out for long in March.

The number of days entered as spent on tour by the Civil Surgeons, Nar-
singhpur and Balaghat, and by the Assistant Surgeon at Jubbulpore include
those devoted to the special inspection of the sanitary state of villagas in which
cholera had appeared.

44.    The Civil Surgeon, Sambalpur, visited on an average less than two
villages, and the Civil Surgeons, Bhandara and Chanda, less than 3 villages, each
of the days they were on tour. The number of villages visited by the Civil
Surgeons of Hoshangabad and Wardha was also small.

45.    The Civil Surgeon of Sambalpur saw only 0.9 per cent of the persons
vaccinated by the district staff or practically none, and the percentage seen by
the Civil Surgeons, Bhandara, Chanda, Hoshangabad, Raipur and Bilaspur are
smaller than is desirable: but in the cases of Raipur and Bilaspur the total
of vaccinated persons inspected by the Civil Surgeon is not small, the
small proportion seen being due to the large number of Vaccine operations
performed in those districts.