In Betul I saw comparatively few vaccinated persons, but in several villa-
ges the forms were not to be found.

50.    The high ratio of success returned by vaccinators is due to (1) doubtful
cases being entered as successful, (2) the repetition of the operation on persons
already unsuccessfully operated on without recording any result till a success-
ful one is found.

51.     I also saw enough to convince me that vaccinators are not sufficiently
careful in the selection of the lymph they use or in the children they vaccinate.

                             DISTRICT VACCINATION.

The following is a precis of the reports submitted by Civil Surgeons:—

52.    Saugor.—Vaccination was kept up at Head-quarters throughout the
non-working season with the exception of about 4 weeks at the close of the rains,
but lymph had been stored in tubes and with this work was recommenced.
In October 10 tubes of English lymph were received from the Sanitary Com-
missioner's office and gave successful results in 9 out of 10 children vaccinated
with it.

The Vaccinators were at their stations with a supply of lymph by the end
of October. The total number of operations performed was 112 more than in
1884-85. There were only 215 re-vaccination operations. The Civil Surgeon
is of opinion that the average of work by the Vaccinators in the City and Can-
tonment and in the district is not as much as it might and should have been.

The Civil Surgeon only took charge of the medical duties of the district in
November, and the inspection work (which was carried out by him this season
in place of by the Assistant to Civil Surgeon as formerly) was rather small in
consequence: he was on tour 23 days, and reports that he found little to be
desired as regards the vaccination of children born since the close of last
vaccinating season, but that the vaccinators' work in former years was bad as
is proved by the large number of persons found marked by small-pox. The
Civil Surgeon thinks that the staff is insufficient and should be increased by 2
Vaccinators for the district. The Native Superintendent is well reported of.
2 vaccinators, Nundkishore (1st class) and Ramchunder (2nd class), are men-
tioned as having done specially good work and 2 are unfavourably reported of.

                          DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

The Hospital Assistant attached to the Main and Sadar bazaar dispen-
saries did not (under recent instructions) vaccinate during the past season.

                                   SMALL POX.

There were 67 deaths in the district and 4 in the town reported from this

53.     Damoh.—The supply of lymph was kept up in the Head-quarters
town and neighbouring villages during the non-working season. The English