1,622 operations: this is due to a stop having been put to the practice of re-
turning as re-vaccinations, cases in which the operation had been repeated in
consequence of previous failure.

The vaccinators return their percentage of success as 95.63 or 2.29 less than
that of the previous season, the difference being due to more care in recording
the results.

The Civil Surgeon was on tour 41 days and saw the work of each Vaccin-
ator. He inspected 2,801 vaccinated children and found the percentage of
success 96.35, and can only account for his finding the ratio of success higher
than that returned by the Vaccinators themselves by supposing that unsuccess-
ful cases were not brought forward.

The Officiating Native Superintendent and 1 Vaccinator are unfavourably
reported of.

                           DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

Hospital Assistants performed 396 primary operations or 32 less than they
did last year.


Was prevalent in a number of villages. The cases seen by the Civil Sur-
geon being chiefly in adults and unprotected children of from 5 to 12 years of
age. In the cases of several vaccinated children who were said to have had the
disease the Civil Surgeon could not find any trace of it.

59. Chhindwara.—Vaccination was maintained throughout the year at
Chhindwara and Lodhikhera by the Hospital Assistants and the English lymph
proved successful.

There was a large decrease in the number of operations performed, due in a
great measure to failure to do his work by one of the Vaccinators sent to the
Jaghirs and partly to the unusual prevalence of fever. The decrease was chiefly
in primary operations, the numbers being in primary 1,489 and in re-vaccina-
tion 228.

The percentage of success claimed by the Vaccinators is in primary opera-
tion 99.89 and in re-vaccination 81.16.

The Native Superintendent was on tour 172 days and is well reported of.

The percentage of success in primary operations was as under:

By Vaccinators ... ...


„ Native Superintendent ...


„ Civil Surgeon ... ...


                      DISPENSARY VACCINATION.

The Hospital Assistants at Chhindwara did more work than in the previ-
ous year, viz., 153 primary and 81 re-vaccination operations, while the Medical
Officer at Lodhikhera performed 31 more primary but 161 fewer re-vaccination