viii                                         REPORT.

be hoped, prove more successful both in removing the prejudices of the zemin-
dars and villagers and extending the protection against the disease.

15.    Sub-Assistant Surgeon Gopal Chunder Dey, Deputy Superintendent of
Vaccination, was employed in the Sonthal Pergunnahs during the year. This
officer was temporarily sent from Calcutta to conduct the operations until the
arrival of a Sub-Assistant Surgeon, who was employed in the Punjab. The pay
received by the Deputy Superintendent of these Pergunnahs is the bare pay of
his grade, with travelling allowances, and it is doubtful if a thoroughly efficient
man is to be procured on these terms. I would strongly advise extra pay of
Rs. 50 a month be granted to the Sub-Assistant Surgeon who superintends
these operations.

16.    The Sub-Assistant Surgeon states he performed 3,931 operations with
his five vaccinators, in a few days during the month of April, with a successful
ratio per cent. of 89.57. The Superintendent was a young man just entered the
service, ignorant of the work, and he complains of the ignorance of the vaccina-
tors. His returns must, therefore, be accepted with caution; but it is to be
hoped that the evidence he gives of the feelings of the inhabitants towards
vaccination is correct.

17.    In the 2nd paragraph of the Resolution, dated 23rd January 1869,
regarding my predecessor's report on vaccination for the year ending 31st March
1868, occurs these words. " It is hoped, however, that the circle system will
before long cover the whole of the Lower Provinces, and bring the whole of this
important duty into the hands of a properly organized and trained department
relieved of all other duties."

18.    At present I cannot consider the vaccination operations under the
Government of Bengal in such satisfactory a condition as in the other provinces
of the Presidency, and I am glad to learn, therefore, that there is a prospect of
vaccination operations being extended. The mass of the population in Bengal
Proper has at present less protection afforded to them than in any other part
of India.

19.    The Sonthal Pergunnahs and the Ranchee Circle might for the present
remain as they are; but a revision of the Darjeeling Circle appears desirable.
It now includes the districts of Darjeeling, Cooch Behar, Purneah (no operations
performed there yet), Rungpore, Bhootan Dooars, Dinagepore, and Rajshahye.
In the Bograh District the work has been going on without any specific orders,
but special orders were issued that as the work had begun it should not be
stopped. The district of Maldah, Government says, is to be added eventually
when the proper time arrives. I would submit that the proper time has now
arrived for the consolidation of the above districts into one vaccination circle,