REPORT                                    ix

presided over by one Superintendent, and would beg to request the orders of
Government on the subject. The present staff is—

1    Assistant Surgeon as Superintendent.

1    Sub-Assistant Surgeon as Deputy Superintendent.

3    Superintending Vaccinators.

30    Vaccinators.

Probably the addition of a second Deputy Superintendent and one or two Su-
perintending Vaccinators would be required. The number of extra vaccinators
would have to be decided after reference to the present Superintendent.

20.    There remains the following divisions and districts to which no
organized vaccination has been applied :—

Cuttack Division; Burdwan Division (those portions which are not includ-
ed in the Metropolitan Circles) ; Moorshedabad District; Dacca, Chittagong,
Assam, and Patna Divisions, and part of Bhaugulpore Division. These are all
as yet unprovided for.

21.    The tables given at pages 51 to 56 show—

1st.—Summary of all the vaccinations performed in the Government of
Bengal. Table A.

2nd.—A general return in a detailed form. Table B.

3rd.—The detail of the vaccinations in the Darjeeling, Sonthal Pergunnah,
and Ranchee Circles. Table C. D. E. and F.

Table B gives the total amount of vaccination in the town and suburbs of
Calcutta; the numbers are very satisfactory and show the value of the Depart-
ment. 71.3 the ratio per cent. of successful cases is of no comparative value
in this case, for the reason given in the note. The statistics of the Metropolitan
Circles are separately detailed in paragraph 2.

Table C shows the result of the work of vaccinators attached to Civil
Stations and Dispensaries, by one, two, or three men at each, whose work is
superintended by the Civil Surgeons of the Districts, and the Sub-Assistant
Surgeons or Native Doctors in charge of Dispensaries; but as the work of the
vaccinators often lies at a distance from the head-quarters of the district, their
work, as stated above, must be accepted with caution, especially as the Jail
work prevents distant inspections. The returns from some of the stations are
exceptional in so far as the number of successful operations are very large
during the season, while in other places the operation is found to be unsuccess-
ful and not without danger, such as the statistics from Hooghly, Midnapore,
Rajshahye, Dacca, Mymensing, Seebsagor.

22. In the list, 14 out of the 63 stations will not be again included, as
the vaccinators have been discharged, because the stations are now included in
the several circles of vaccination.