CALCUTTA AND THE SUBURBS.                                      xxv

whole year instead of simply including the money actually spent during the months in which
the circles have already been in operation. In this way only can a true estimate be formed of
what each vaccination actually costs, and the result be made available for purposes of com-
parison in future years.

The computation has been based on the inspected cases alone, those which have not been
verified by the Superintendents having been left out of the calculation

Each cost from that of general superintendence down to contingent expenses have been

The cost of each inspected case has been Rs. 0-4-1. Thus though the introduction of
the Calcutta system involves the keeping up of a most expensive machinery for vaccination,
yet, owing to the large amount of work which can be overtaken by it, the result proves that
each reliable vaccination can be purchased at a very small cost to the State.

Inoculation within French Territory at Chan-

31. In the course of the season the vaccinators of the first metropolitan circle have worked
all round the territory belonging to the French
Settlement at Chandernagore. After a year or two
this portion of the Hooghly District, as well as the
whole country in the immediate neighbourhood of Calcutta, will have been vaccinated. The
Government will then be in a position to extend the Act prohibiting inoculation into this
vaccinated area. When this has been done, as the inhabitants of the French territory
follow the practice of inoculating, the residents of Chinsurah, Hooghly, and the other places
situated near the French Settlement will be liable to become infected by small-pox each time
communication takes place with those among whom inoculation is being practised. As
intercourse between French and British subjects is very freely carried on, the contingency
of small-pox being conveyed into British territory is no remote possibility, but a contingency
which should at once be guarded against. Should no communication on this subject be ad-
dressed to the French Government at Chandernagore till the British Government finds itself
in a position to prohibit inoculation, they will have just cause for complaining that they were
not warned before, so that they might have had the same time for carrying out their arrange-
ments that the Bengal Government have had. It seems therefore desirable that His Excellency
the Governor of Chandernagore should be informed that the Government of Bengal have deter-
mined to prohibit the practise of inoculation around the French territory, and have provided
that their subjects should be protected by vaccination, and that he should be invited to
consider the subject now, so that when the people around Chandernagore have been prohibited
from inoculation, they may not remain in danger from inoculation being practised near them.


32 Different subjects connected with vaccination have been occupying my attention for
some years, and I now forward three reports on
various subjects which, though they are not of such
a nature that they can find a place in an annual report, still may suitably accompany it as
an appendix

The reports are on the following subjects :— *

I On the regulation of inoculation in Bengal in those places where it is not prohibited.

II. On the employment of Sub-Assistant Surgeons as Superintendents of Vaccination.

III On the unsatisfactory state of the arrangements for vaccination as practised under
the municipalities, other than those of the town and suburbs of Calcutta.

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