xxxii                                       DARJEELING CIRCLE.

glad to re-appoint him and transfer the other. The former commenced work towards the end
of January, and in the following months the native superintendent reported most favorably
of him, and of his success among the people of the town. This is gratifying, for I know of
no place where small-pox or any other zymotic disease has so many facilities for mischief as
at Nattore.

56.    I found at Pootea a very good vaccinator ; he had been like the rest late in com-
mencing work, and had made only 197 vaccinations in December, but, on the date of my
visit, the 19th January, there was nothing to complain of: he had done excellent work here
in the previous season. I removed him to Rampore Beanleah, putting the former Nattore
vaccinator in his place, who worked fairly until the season closed.

57.     On the 22nd, I found the vaccinator at Beauleah working in the suburbs ; I saw
over 100 recent cases, and the vesicle was very good. This being a large town, I placed, as
above stated, a second vaccinator here. Both have strict orders to confine their operations to
the town. A fair amount of success has been attained, but nothing like what was achieved
by either vaccinator at the mofussil posts they occupied previously. As I have already observed
in a previous report, the people of towns, who require its protection most, are, of all classes,
the most indifferent on the subject of vaccination.

58.     Dinagepore.—All the vaccinators employed in this district were originally inocula-
tors. They remained at the same stations as last year, but in the next season, the majority
of them may be transferred to other thannahs, in of course the same district. They commenced
work in November, during which month, in consequence of lymph failures in a few instances,
not very much was done; the average being little over one hundred vaccinations for each
man; but, in the following months, and up to the end of the season, their success was above
the average of other vaccinators. I have complained, in previous reports, of the illiterateness
and low character of inoculators as a class, but those I have now in employ, the remnant of
very free weeding, I find to be efficient and trustworthy, and there is one among them whom
I have already named, Tarrachand, whom I should not scruple to promote to the grade of
native superintendent in case of a vacancy.

59.    The first post I visited was at Nawabgunge ; the vaccinator, who should have been
here, I found next day at a large village called Mooktearpore, in the Chintamun illaqua. I
saw a quantity of recent work, but of an unsatisfactory kind, there being many doubtful
cases, and I had reason to be displeased with the man for not obeying orders in keeping the
Police of his head quarter thannah aware of his whereabout. He had not been visited by the
native superintendent from the commencement of the season, but this could not have been
helped as the latter had been sent to Purneah.

60.     On reaching Dinagepore, I was joined by the native superintendent, whom I at once
despatched to Nawabgunge. He had taken with him to Kudwah in Purneah the vaccinator
from Nischintipore. I attach the returns of the work done there, on the authority of the
native superintendent.

61.    I visited in succession, towards the end of February, the vaccinators at Gungarampore,
Hemtalead, and Hubbru Thannahs. They were all in full work with a good vesicle. These
men were entertained during the previous season, and none of the places named had been before
visited by a vaccinator. Now the confidence of the people in vaccination may be pronounced
to be fully established.

62.    I may bring this report, which has, I fear, extended to too great a length, to a close,
with an account of the expenditure incurred and the results. The establishment has cost for
the twelve months ending 31st March 1869, the Superintendent's salary, travelling allowances,
and every item of expenditure included Rs. 15,602-10-10, so that each successful vaccination
has cost a fraction over five annas.

63.    The returns of the season's operations are appended in the new form. Table No. 1
gives the grand total of the cold weather's work; Table No. 2, the work done in Darjeeling
during the summer and rains. The remaining tables show the operations for each month of
the cold weather season, and the operations of the vaccinating party sent to Kudwah in Purneah.

                                                                                               I have the honor to be,


                                                                                                     Your most obedient Servant,

                                                                                                                              T. MATHEW, M. B.,

                                                                                                      Supdt. of Vaccination, Darjeeling Circle.